Wheeled Backpacks The Ultimate Solution for On-the-Go Professionals

Wheeled Backpacks: The Ultimate Solution for On-the-Go Professionals

What is a Wheeled Backpack?

A wheeled backpack, also known as a rolling backpack, is a backpack that has two wheels and a telescoping handle. This allows you to roll the backpack along smooth surfaces instead of carrying all the weight on your shoulders.

Wheeled backpacks are designed to provide the flexibility of a backpack with the convenience of a rolling suitcase. The backpack straps tuck away when you want to roll it. Then when you need to carry it up stairs or over rough terrain, the straps come out for easy carrying.

My Top 4 Picks for Wheeled Backpacks

Here are my top recommendations for the best wheeled backpacks for professionals who are frequently on the go:

Osprey Fairview Wheeled Travel Packs

Osprey is renowned for making high-quality and comfortable backpacks. The Fairview wheeled series offers backpack and wheeled luggage functionality in one. The straps tuck away when rolling and the stable frame keeps the bag balanced. Volume ranges from 40L to 70L.

Fairview® Wheeled Travel Pack Carry-On 36L/21.5

The Osprey Farpoint Wheeled Travel Packs

Another excellent choice from Osprey. The Farpoint has large capacity from 40L to 80L. It has a lightweight and sturdy frame to handle heavy loads. The suspension system makes it comfortable to carry.


Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler XT 90L Wheeled Duffel With Backpack Straps

With 90L capacity, this Eagle Creek duffel holds plenty while keeping things organized. The durable Bi-Tech fabric resists abrasion. The large wheels roll smoothly and the haul handles make it easy to lift.

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler XT 90L Wheeled Duffel With Backpack Straps

Everki Atlas rolling laptop backpack

This tech-focused backpack fits laptops up to 18 inches. The padded sleeve protects your device from damage. Lots of organizer pockets keep gadgets and essentials accessible. The trolley handle rolls the bag smoothly.

Everki Atlas rolling laptop backpack

Carry-on Travel – Wheeled Backpacks vs Regular Backpacks: Which one is Best?

For carry-on travel, both wheeled backpacks and regular backpacks have pros and cons.

Wheeled backpacks provide effortless transportation through airports and around cities. However, they take up more space in overhead bins. Regular backpacks are more compact for storage, but can put more strain on your back and shoulders.

If you need to maximize carry-on space or hike over rough ground, go for a regular backpack. If you’ll primarily be rolling on smooth pavement, wheeled is ideal.

My next wheeled backpack: Osprey Wheeled Travel Packs

For my next trip, I plan to get an Osprey wheeled backpack. I’ve used Osprey packs in the past and been very happy with the comfort and quality.

The Farpoint 55 would be a good carry-on size while still offering ample room for 1-2 weeks of travel. The light metal frame keeps heavy loads manageable. Padded sides and harness provide cushioning when carrying.

I like that the Farpoint has lockable sliders for security. The dedicated laptop and tablet sleeves help protect electronics. The stowaway straps and back panel allow unhindered rolling when I want to give my back a break.

Pros and Cons of Wheeled Backpacks

Pros of Wheeled Backpacks

  • Easy to roll through airports, train stations, etc
  • Alleviate shoulder and back strain from heavy loads
  • Good storage capacity like suitcases
  • Flexibility to carry or roll as needed
  • Organizer pockets for easy access to items
  • Stowaway straps and back panel for smooth rolling

Cons of Wheeled Backpacks

  • Can be too large for some overhead bins
  • Wheels add weight compared to regular packs
  • Not as compact for storage
  • Wheels get damaged if rolled over rough terrain
  • Backpack functionality suffers if not high quality
  • Prone to tipping when rolled with heavy unbalanced load

Tips for Finding The Best Travel Backpack With Wheels for International Travel

Here are my top tips for finding a wheeled backpack ideal for your globetrotting:

  • Look for a sturdy but lightweight frame to support heavy loads
  • Choose a model with smooth-rolling wheels tested on rugged terrain
  • Prioritize padded straps and back panel for comfortable carrying
  • Make sure the capacity fits your packing needs and carry-on limits
  • Pick lockable zippers and slash-proof fabric for security
  • Look for compartments and pockets to stay organized
  • Select brands like Osprey known for travel-specific features and durability
  • Read reviews from seasoned travelers to find tried and tested models

With a quality wheeled backpack from a top brand, you can explore the world hands-free and avoid sore shoulders! Use the rolling mode for airport transfers, city strolls and smooth trails. Then switch to carry mode for stairs, dirt tracks and wherever wheels can’t go. The right pack maximizes your mobility and comfort when traveling near or far.


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