Can You Bring a Backpack Into Dollywood (July 2023)

Can you bring a backpack into Dollywood

Can you bring bags into Dollywood

Visiting Dollywood and wondering, can you bring a backpack into Dollywood? Yes, you can carry a backpack into the recreation area, they will look through it at the entryway, a few rides you can ride with a backpack. Although for most rides I won’t recommend it unless you have a fanny pack.

They have storage spaces that you can use at a portion of the rides. However, most have a rack that you can allow your things to sit on during the ride. It is generally secure since you can get to it from leaving the ride and representatives are the only ones as an afterthought during the ride.

There are no problems taking back packs into the park. From all records it appears individuals are extremely genuine around there. So, I think your things are genuinely protected. Yet I never leave my backpack anyplace besides on myself.

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Can you take a backpack into Dollywood

Yes, you can bring a backpack into Dollywood. However, all bags are subject to inspection upon entry. Backpacks must be no larger than 18″ x 14″ x 6″. Any larger backpacks will be denied entry.

There are a few reasons why Dollywood has a backpack policy. First, it is a security measure. Backpacks can be used to conceal weapons or other prohibited items. Second, backpacks can be a nuisance on rides. They can get in the way of other guests and they can be a safety hazard.

If you are bringing a backpack to Dollywood, be sure to keep it as small as possible. You may also want to consider bringing a fanny pack or a crossbody bag instead. These bags are less likely to be a nuisance on rides and they are easier to keep track of.

If you are bringing a backpack to Dollywood, it is a good idea to pack light and only bring the essentials. You can also rent a locker at the park to store your belongings if you do not want to carry your backpack around all day.

— Are backpacks allowed in Dollywood

Essential items to put in your backpack

  • Portable charger
  • Portable neck fan
  • Hydroflask bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Umbrella
  • Sunscreen
  • Disposable poncho
  • Uniqlo down jacket
  • Extra face masks
  • Wallet & Keys

Dollywood has restrictions on the size and type of bags guests can bring into the park. Traditional backpacks and bags with multiple pockets or compartments are prohibited. However, smaller bags like drawstring backpacks and mini backpacks may be permitted if they meet Dollywood’s size limit of 8″x12″x6″. Guests should be prepared to rent a locker to store any backpack or large bag before entering the park. Dollywood’s website does not provide full details on backpack restrictions, so guests should contact the park directly or check Dollywood’s social media for the most up-to-date policies before visiting. The bag rules are in place for security reasons and are subject to change based on the season.

— Can you take backpacks into Dollywood

Tips when taking a backpack to Dollywood

  • I recommend you unfasten and open your backpack before search to makes things go faster. I’ve not taken the backpack on any rides on the grounds that the vast majority of them don’t permit them on the rides and the ones that do there’s truly not sufficient space for them.
  • The beneficial thing about Dollywood is that there are the entire day storage spaces, as well as drifting ride storage spaces all through the recreation area accessible for lease. So, you don’t need to feel committed to drag your pack around the whole day or onto a ride.
  • Figured Dollywood doesn’t permit outside food and beverages, you can get a refillable water container and fill it at the drinking fountains all through the recreation area. Also, free cups of water at all park eateries and most food outlets.
  • As a parent, you can also bring diaper backpack for your kids containing essential items. But remember they are checked by security at the gate.
  • At some places they may not even search backpack where they have installed new metal detectors. The new detectors tell them who to search when you walk through.
  • It not only detects metal, but it also measures how much, and I believe even what kind of metal it is. Only people with enough of the right kind of metal get searched. Makes it much more efficient, and it’s just as safe.
  • Get the preferred parking. Parking that close was so worth it and helps get you ahead of the pack.
  • As with all parks arrive early. We were able to the be first ones at the preferred entrance arriving 85 minutes early.
  • Use the preferred entrance. You’ll end up ahead of all the people at the main entrance.
  • The bag line is very fast and easy though, it wouldn’t be a hassle as long you don’t carry prohibited items.
  • As a tourist, I recommend that you bring a backpack with things like iced water and snacks if you want to save money on buying food and souvenirs within the park. Especially since it’s summertime and Southern California is already hot as hell.

Does Dollywood allow backpacks – Some Facts

  • The backpack policy at Dollywood was implemented in 2016 after a number of incidents involving backpacks being used to smuggle prohibited items into the park.
  • The size restriction on backpacks is in place to ensure that they can fit into the lockers that are available throughout the park.
  • Backpacks that are too large or that contain prohibited items will be confiscated by park security.
  • There are a number of places to rent lockers at Dollywood, including near the entrance to the park, near the entrance to each themed area, and near the rides.
  • The cost of renting a locker at Dollywood varies depending on the size of the locker and the length of time you need it.
  • If you do not want to rent a locker, you can also leave your backpack at the Guest Services desk.
  • Dollywood is the largest theme park in Tennessee.
  • Dollywood is home to more than 50 rides, shows, and attractions.
  • Dollywood is also home to a number of restaurants, shops, and theaters.

I hope this article answers your question that can I bring a backpack to Dollywood aka can you bring backpack into Dollywood.


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